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Hello, how did you made the models? They look awesome and I`m impressed that you had rig them so good.

I really like this game, but I honestly think it would work really good with a controller. Sadly I haven't seen a way to change the key binds but besides that, I really don't have anything to complain about

Very cool and impressive quality!

(starts 17:25)

Like a brutal mix of Dark Souls, Dungeon Crawlers, and a little survivbal sprinkled in there.

Good game, but I made the mistake of playing with a keyboard. Very difficult. Recommend a controller for the incredible skill this requires!

Thank you for playing and sharing!
Enjoyed the video :)
You look positive and seem to have some happy energy.

Had a bit of a playthrough of the Demo(n). It was good fun :)

You look good at talking, ROFL. Thank you for playing!

Thanks friend :) I really enjoyed myself. I like the challenge, I'm not good at overcoming challenges, but I lieks them :)

I think because of the demo, I will be getting the full game. It's a ton of fun, and I did a little LP of it for the channel. Even when you fail, it's still so addicting!

During watching your video, I worried you don't like the game. It's surprising that you enjoyed it. Anyway, the video was really fun and thanks for sharing!

Somehow this game has complex movement, love it

Thank you for playing! Sometimes we think we made the game to frustrate players. By the way, what happened to the right side of the screen?

Nice game guys! I especially enjoyed the combat system, it is quite more realistic than most action games, in the fact that you will get punched many times :D Also the dark-soulish system works well with the development of the characters, and awesome boss fights!

I made a video playing your game:

if you want to check, best of luck with your future projects, cheers!

Really enjoyed your video. Everyone wants to pick up the weapons off the floor. ;) Thank you for playing!

Thank you for making the game! Just a lil' tip if you'd like, extend the time window to counter-attack a little bit, I found it a bit difficult but maybe it's just me :D Cheers!

The difficulty of counterattack is one of the most frequent feedback we receive. In the latest update, we've experimentally extended the time window to counter-attack. Anyway, really nice video thumbnail.